Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is why you're fat.

I just read a post on one of the blogs I follow and the post was entitled "Stop being fat." You can check it out here  . All I have to say is "hell yes".  She lost 50 pounds in one year just by not being dumb. She also didn't work out. Losing weight is one of the easiest things you can do. You're probably gasping right now, oh no she didn't. Let me explain myself. It's not EASY by any means, but it's obvious. A five year old could tell you how to lose weight. By the time we learn how to tie our shoes, we know that vegetables=healthy, cake=not. Seriously, you KNOW what you need to do. Eat things that are good for you. Don't eat things that are not. Stop eating when you're not hungry any more. The end.

I'm not saying that I've mastered this by any means. I have the willpower of . . . someone with no willpower. But if I gain five pounds, I know WHY.  It's most likely because I got drunk, ate an entire pizza, and then nursed my hangover the next day with McDonalds. Like five weeks in a row. (Okay, more like 8 years in a row) I'm doing my best to stop doing that. (So far so good.)

You don't need a magic pill, special prepackaged nutrition bars, protein powders, points, etc. You just need to be smart and eat what humans are supposed to eat.

With that said, here are some amazeballs pictures from

Most of this stuff looks horrific to me:

donut pizza with a side of PBR
A philly cheese steak wrapped inside a slice of pizza (Frank would be all over this one)

Burger, pANcake, and suSHI rolls: cheeseburger sushi deepfried in pancake batter, with burger meat, deli style american cheese, red onion, and chipotle mayo.

Grease Lightning: A layer of seasoned curly fries topped with chicken nuggets, chicken fried steak, fish sticks, pizza rolls, and a slice of corndog then smothered in melted mozzarella cheese topped with a mixture of chili, bacon, and sliced hot dogs topped with a sprinkling of cheddar.

Now we'll move on to the next category entitled "Sadly, this looks delicious" also known as "I'd hit it"

CChocolate covered bacon, sounds like something you should indulge in once in your life. 
In my defense, it says 25% less sugar.

Do you have any guilty pleasure gross food combinations?


  1. Chocolate covered bacon is a delicacy as far as I'm concerned. I'd probably eat that whole plate. And the person who thought to put sprinkles on it, was clearly using their noggin.

  2. Oooh I loved that post! Thanks for linking to it!