Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Weekly Goals

It's sunny here this morning, which I'm so grateful for, but whenever it's sunny in the dead of winter, I just crave spring that much more. If you just look at the sky (and not the inches of dirty snow on the ground) it almost looks like it could be late March. But then you realize that it's 15 degrees outside. At least tomorrow is February and then I can say "next month is spring". Never mind the fact that we usually get major snowstorms in March. It sounds like spring.

I have officially completed one whole month of eating better, being more active and drinking less. I am SO happy I did this, and I think I've finally hit the point where it's now a habit and not a struggle. I made my end of the month goal weight and I'm so excited at the prospect of getting down another five pounds next month. I'm scared that I'm going to plateau at some point in there, but until then, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

So here are my goals for this week:
1. Stick to the diet with only one cheat meal this week.
2. Go to the gym five times.
3. Start my new weight training routine.
4. Drink 3 full bottles of water daily (I think it's a 24 oz bottle)
5. Get up early to work every day.
6. Stress less--set aside ten minutes each day to "meditate" aka sit quietly with no tv, phone, computer.
7. Keep the house clean--it stresses me too much when it's messy.

What are your goals for this week?

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