Friday, January 28, 2011

Tax Time Adventures

So have you ever had one of those experiences where you think, "Holy shit, I need to blog about this"?  And I actually said it out loud, and God bless my husband, he didn't call me a nerd. So here's our Friday adventures, in pictures. We were going to get our taxes done. Usually we do them ourselves, but my taxes are complicated since I'm technically a small business owner. We wanted to make sure that we got all the possible deductions. Enter Bob. Bob came recommended to us by a work friend of Frank's. Frank had been to his office one other time, and when I told him that I would join him this morning, he said "Um, just be prepared. His office is different than you might image." Ok . . . his office was in a yuppy fancy suburb of our city, so I kind of expected it to be nice. But, ok maybe it's not so nice.

We parked on the street and walked to the entrance of a residential apartment building. The door didn't open, so we had to ring the doorbell. A sweaty guy in basketball shorts ran to let us in. Then we descended the steps into the basement of the building. Here's the view looking into the tax guy's office:

That bark-patterned thing? It's a couch. It was epic and I wanted to make an offer for it on the spot. And behold the brown/orange shag carpeting. They had us sit in the "waiting area" until they were done with a client. These are our views from the waiting area:
This is looking to the right.

This is looking to the floor.

Finally, Bob was done with his client and invited us into the office. Awkward, semi-obvious cell phone picture taking ensued. 
This is the best picture I could get of the couch. I'm sad its not a better picture, but you win some, you lose some. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be representational of tree bark or some kind of black, brown and gold batik/tie die deal.

This guy got a little more credibility when I saw the vintage typewriter. I mean I would love to have a vintage typewriter in my office as a home decor prop. I was in love with it. And I thought, maybe he's going for a vintage look for the office? Maybe this is all part of the plan. But then I realized it wasn't.

The typewriter was this guy's computer. Because he didn't have one. The whole time we were sitting there, this guy was drinking coffee from a plastic cup and cutting out pictures from postcards with safety scissors. Also, you can't really tell in this picture, but there were random Virgin Mary's all over the place. That's a calendar to the right of him. The calendar was a typical picture of a tropical beach scene, but it had an image of the virgin mother just randomly Photoshopped in.

The floor was tasty.

The tasteful rust-colored velvet chair cushion.

Okay, I feel like this post was sort of mean-spirited. I'm really not like that. The office was just SO shocking that I wanted to document it. But there is a moral to this story. Don't judge a book by the cover. If this guy hadn't been recommended, I would have run out the door so fast. But this guy did a kick-ass job on our taxes and saved us a bunch of money. Not like H&R Block where they would have Turbo Taxed it in five minutes. This guy really took his time and thought of EVERYTHING that we could deduct (and legally, I might add) to get the best possible return. There is definitely something to be said for "the little guy". The end.

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  1. I'm still using Tax Act, similar to Turbo Tax. I started with it a few years back, and it's just been easier to keep using it since the information is all there... :P I did get audited last year because of buying a house, and I found out that there was just one thing they said I couldn't take a credit on, but nothing else popped up as being wrong, so whatevs! :)

    I'm going to keep doing this until I'm too confused. Sometimes I'm looking at tax guidance for some help. Since I'm in accounting, it all sounds familiar to me, but I need to brush up on the specifics when it comes time to fill out the forms.

    Glad the guy could help you out. Perhaps he needs to look into an interior decorator. ;)