Thursday, February 3, 2011

Puppy Joy

So I've been reading this book called "The Happiness Makeover" because I'm trying to make myself a more positive person. I'm a chronic worrier and a "glass half empty" kind of girl, and I really don't want to be that way.  One thing that I've learned so far is to enjoy the present, because it's all we're guaranteed. Being happy means finding the joy in little everyday things and savoring them fully. With that said, I leave you with some moments of joy that I found yesterday. Sorry for the cheesiness.

I made myself get up early yesterday. My reward? This gorgeous sunrise out my front door. Wish I had taken the time to adjust the settings on my camera properly, but a neighbor was staring at me in my unmatching pajamas and crazy-lady hair like I was a crackhead.

Is there anything as simply joyful as a brand new puppy? Our neighbors (who we're good friends with) got a new 8 week old German Shepherd mix and we introduced her to Wilbur last night. These pictures are grainy because of the low lighting and the fact that I had to bump the ISO up to 1600. But, enjoy.

Hot husband, cute puppy, nuff said. Please ignore the terrible facial hair that WILL be going away after the super bowl. Also ignore "puppy goods".


  1. OMG!!! WHAT A CUTE PUPPY!!! I had a German Shepherd growing up who we got as a puppy and I forgot how truly adorable they are. Wilbur is pinch-his-cheeks cute too. ^_^

  2. I know . . . I totally have puppy envy right now!