Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I guess I'm a Mac now?

Let me start this off by saying that I really feel bad that this happened.

Over the summer I realized that I really needed a smart phone. It wasn't very "professional" if I didn't answer an urgent work email because I was walking around at Target. I had gotten in too many situations where someone would call me and ask me to review some copy, but I was nowhere near my computer so I would have to drop what I was doing and drive home. Anyway, I was not up for my "new every two" promotion from Verizon, so my husband let me take his upgrade with the promise that he could take mine in February. I got a Droid Incredible and l-o-v-e-d it. Seriously, how did I live without a smartphone?

So Verizon's announcement that they were getting the iPhone coincided with the time frame when Frank could order a new phone through my upgrade. He set his alarm for 3 am on a work night and ordered the phone. It finally came yesterday and he was so excited. When he called Verizon to have his number transferred to it, they let him know that they had a contract with Apple that prohibited them from allowing number transfers. So whoever's name was on the upgrade was the only number allowed to be on the phone.

Sad panda husband. He told me I could have the phone and he would take my Droid but I said NO WAY, I don't want the guilt of taking his dream phone away. I told him to return the iphone and get a Droid because they are just as good. He told me that it would be dumb to do, since we already HAD a Droid he could use. So after making him promise that he would never guilt trip me about the phone since it was his idea, I said I would try it for a week to see if I liked it. Honestly, I was leery about it. I've always been a huge fan of the Droid, and getting used to the functionality of the iPhone is a learning process. After going a full day with it, I think I have decided to keep it.

Here's what I like about the Droid:

  • Widgets: You don't have to go into the Facebook app everytime you want to go on facebook. You just scroll to the right or left and your facebook app is up.
  • Integration with Google: I'm a Google fanatic, so I use gmail, google reader, gcalendar, etc. 
  • More free apps. Seems like everything for the iPhone costs $ or is just a lite version for free
  • My Incredible had an 8 mp camera, the iPhone is lower quality
What I like about the iPhone so far:
  • Duh, it's an iphone. It makes me look cool.
  • Syncing up with my MacBook and iTunes. I love that when I plug it into my computer, my photos are automatically loaded into iPhoto
  • Better and more apps: although some of them cost more $, the apps in general are better. Facebook is much better, and Hootsuite (which I need for work) is really what sealed the deal. I can post from all my social media accounts on the go. The Hootsuite app for Droid was touchy.
  • Even though the iPhone camera is supposedly less mp, I can't tell the difference
  • Better quality video
  • Two way photo taking makes taking narcissistic self-portraits that much easier
So, I'm asking your iPhone people for some help! What are some apps you couldn't live without? I'm particularly looking for a good RSS reader app and a blogging app. But any suggestions are good. 

And just for fun, this is what a typical conversation between my husband and I looks like. MaKES NO SENSE.

And now I can take even more ridiculous hipster photos of my dog:


  1. OOOH,LOVE the photo!IREALLY want a smart phone so I can access all my social media on the go.Right now I have a phone which only LOOKS smart,bleh.
    Google rocks!-did you see its homepage yesterday[8th february]-the word Google was a submarine that you could navigate with a steer beside it.SOO coolI played with it for ages :P and am pretty sure I saw a diver and corals hehe

  2. Oh,and it was a tribute to Jules Verne for his birthday :)

  3. Lmao! Those are the same kind of conversations me and my fiance have. I have an iPhone from AT&T and it is sooo weird to see your heading say "Verizon"

    I usually get free apps because I am a cheap ass. But the ones I did pay for were well worth it. On my phone I currently have: Blog Press for my blogging app but I only use it when I am not trying to add pictures. It isn't really good when you need special formating. For a reader I use MobileRss the icon is a green subscriber logo. Games I like are push panic, ANGRY BIRDS ( BUY THIS!), WORDS WITH FRIENDS (don't buy this.. you get the same features in the free app) and other dumb things that you can get for free. I also use Fandango for movies, the weather channel and USB Disk because I forget sometimes and if you are using it for work, that is an awesome thing to have. I have Yoga Stretch and Relax that I use too. That's truly it other than my social apps.

    I hope this helps! If you get words with friends, add me Sunkiissd.Beauty so we can play together!

  4. I was sketchy about going to the iphone too, I had a blackberry, but I'm SO happy I did.
    As for apps, I was going to start with instagram, but looks like you already have that! Ditto on the Angry Birds and Words with Friends. I only have free apps, so I'm not sure what the difference between the free and paid versions are. But they are so freakin' addicting!
    Gotta love the 2 way camera-I totally use it to check myself out in class in lieu of a mirror (as long as no one is behind me haha).
    SoundHound is good for identifying songs, Google (you can take pictures of certain things and it will recognize it and search it, or you can talk to it; it's pretty cool), Polarize, ClassicTOY, Lenses (which is great for laughs-make yourself fat, alien-ish, skinny etc), Food Network...
    Still haven't found a blogging one yet though, probably because I'm not willing to pay!

  5. Thanks for all the app suggestions!

    It's only been two days and I'm already addicted. The apps on here are so much better.

    I was totally addicted to Angry Birds on my Droid, so i need to get the holiday version now! Also checking out all the other apps you all suggested.

    @sweta - Yes I loved the Google homepage yesterday! Definitely wasted about ten minutes playing with it, haha