Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 4: 30 Days in Pictures

Ok, it might take me 300 days to actually finish this "30 Days in Pictures" thing but I'll get it done eventually.

Day 4: Your night in pictures:

I think I'm only supposed to do one picture but this iPhone is addicting.

I did my nails in this shimmery gold color from F21. Frank hates it so I put it on to annoy him.

My dinner = lame. Well it looks lame but it totally hit the spot. I didn't feel like cooking and just wanted to eat something light and snacky because we went to the gym after. Two hard boiled eggs, celery with ranch yogurt dressing, colby jack cheese stick, and light cheese puff things. They taste and look exactly like those Gerber puffy things (I babysit way too much.)

I babysat the neighbor's puppy for an hour so she could play with Wilbur and get some energy out. 

Then we went to the gym and I lifted upper body for an hour and twenty minutes. Any day now. I'm going to be totally ripped. Or maybe I'll at least be able to open a pickle jar by myself.

And finally, I dyed my hair. The roots were getting out of control and I don't want to pay a million dollars every time to get them touched up. Plus, I feel way more like myself as a brunette (my natural color).

And then we watched Jersey Shore, the end.

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