Wednesday, February 16, 2011



No, not the bad kind of meltdown, the spring kind! It's mid-February and I'm not naive enough to belief that this temporary burst of mild weather is going to last, but it's a nice reminder that spring is not too far off.

On Saturday, we decided to go to a local trail so that Frank could work on his half marathon training. That left me with the dog and my iPod and I couldn't have been happier. I crave the outdoors all winter long, and being able to walk for 45 minutes without needing a giant puffy coat and gloves sounded like heaven.

The trail is made of crushed limestone, so the melting ice mixed with mud and stone made certain spots feel like quicksand. It made for one muddy puppy belly and almost ruined my new boots. But it was worth it. Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone.


  1. what beautiful pictures. I love this time of year...knowing that Spring is soon to come. The sun stays out longer and the thoughts of summer and basking in the sun are starting to look like they aren't impossible.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! We've been hitting 60 here for the last three days, but like you I know it's not going to actually last until a little later on in the year!!!

    But oh, these last few days have been BLISS!!!