Friday, August 5, 2011

Chi-town Adventure

Something unheard of is about to happen. I'm going to blog about something the day it happened. This is instead of just thinking about blogging about it and never getting around to it.

Today I checked another major city off my bucket list: Chicago! I have been to the Chicago area before, like the suburbs, but have never actually gone into the city. A lot of Frank's extended family lives there and his 17 year old cousin, also named Francis, has been begging him to come visit lately. So we made the super fun 7 hour drive from Pittsburgh on Thursday afternoon. Something crazy happened, I stayed awake for the entire car ride (I usually can sleep straight through) AND I drove for four consecutive hours of the trip. 

Today we went to a Cubs game at Wrigley field, walked around Wrigleyville, took the train into the downtown area, visited Millenium park and "The Bean", checked out the new Marilyn Monroe statue, ate deep dish pizza and became pregnant with a pizza baby, took lots of pictures, etc. 

Yayyyyy baseball. Actually, I get bored after about two innings, some nachos, and ice cream. But it was cool to go to Wrigley field.

The super glamorous Chicago Theater

Dinner at Giordano's the famous Chicago deep dish pizza chain. The site of the conception of my food baby.

Millenium park

The "bean" sculpture in Millenium park. 

Inside the bean

Doing our touristy stuff

Owling, duh.

Frank and his cousins' not so good attempt at planking

Crazy sculptural Millenium Park amphitheater

Giant Marilyn Monroe statue

When I asked Frank's cousin what the significance of this building was, he said it was in the most recent Transformers movie. That's what you get for letting a 17 year old boy be your tour guide.

There is more fun stuff scheduled for tomorrow and then a great big Filipino family reunion. More to come!

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  1. I love Chicago! I've only been once, but that's where I got engaged. Great pictures! Enjoy the rest of your trip!