Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burning it at both ends.

I'm tired, like really tired. I've been sleeping embarrassing amounts each night, and I'm still tired during the day. Not the regular "I slept way too much so i'm groggy all day" thing, but around 3 pm or so I'm hit with this wall of exhaustion, almost a flu-like feeling. It happened in Chicago all three days and it just happened now. All of a sudden I feel like I can't even lift my head up and I need to throw up. I've been remedying it with coffee and Advil but I don't think that's really the best way to deal with it.

And headaches. I've been getting headaches almost daily for the past couple weeks. I'm attributing that to allergies. I'm going to start taking allergy meds every day and see if that helps. 

Frank told me to Google my symptoms, which is the dumbest thing to tell someone who has chronic anxiety. Dr. Google told me everything from pregnancy to fibromyalgia. But I know what the real problem is: I'm totally stressed out. We have been traveling non-stop all sumer, which is fun but exhausting. I've also gotten so much new work this summer, also a good thing but it adds a lot of pressure and stress. I have not had a weekend with nothing scheduled for the entire summer. And I already have something for every weekend from here until the end of September!  There have been so many weddings and bachelorette parties that i'll be happy if I never have to go to another one. Actually I can't even remember an EVENING where we didn't have something scheduled, its that bad. Frank's cousins are in town (the same ones we stayed with in Chicago, they decided to come out to Pittsburgh for a visit) and we have had plans with them every night.  I need a break.

Because we have had so much stuff going on, the house is a perpetual mess and nothing stresses me out more than a messy house. 

It's amazing how a mental thing like stress can affect your physical well-being. Going to pop an Advil and take a nap. 

Done complaining now. 


  1. I hate when people suggest this to me, but I'm going to go ahead and say it anyway: Pregnant. :)

  2. you should go to the doctor and get checked up. it's probably nothing ttoooo serious, but you never know.