Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Challenge!

As promised, this is the first installment of my Summer Time Challenge. I wanted to pick a simple, attainable goal that I could work on throughout the summer. Posting about my progress every Friday will help keep me on the ball.

My Goal: Submit 50 magazine article queries by the end of the summer

Update:  First query has been submitted! I proposed an article idea for First for Women magazine. I can't find any information about how long it takes them to respond to queries, so I guess its just a waiting game.

What's your goal for the summer? To participate, leave a comment with a link to your Summer Time Challenge post.  Don't forget to steal the graphic!

1 comment:

  1. hello emily!
    i have my updates about my swimming goals on my swimlog. to reiterate, here are the goals along with the timelines!
    1) by the end of june, be doing 3 masters swims a week
    2) by the end of july be swimming 1500m on the same days as rowing
    3) by the end of august be doing flip turns consistently
    4) by the end of september be following masters prescribed pace times!