Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quarter Century Year Recap

Today is April 15th, the last day of my 25th year on this earth. Tomorrow I will be 26, and officially heading out of my twenties. This year has been relatively calm and sweet, compared to the previous year which included getting married, moving in with my husband, quitting my job, etc. Here is a recap of my accomplishments at the age of 25:

1. Bought a house - We managed to save up enough money to put a good down payment on our townhouse. Our timing and good credit afforded us an incredible mortgage rate and our hard bargaining skills got us a great deal on the house. I L-O-V-E being a homeowner and have spent this year flexing my design and decorating muscles.

2. Adopted a puppy - We got Wilbur when we moved into our new house at the end of May. Neither of us had ever owned a dog before, so it was totally new to us. Somehow, we didn't screw him up. He is a great, smart dog who does his business in the yard and doesn't eat our furniture. Success!

3. My big career accomplishment last year was that I got published. This year, I got published and paid for it. In a real, print magazine. And I got paid at a pretty decent rate. I now have a somewhat regular contributing writer relationship with a magazine. Now if I could just get ten more similar jobs, I could actually make more money in a year than someone who makes license plates in jail . . .

4. Two new babies were born into our family. This is actually a slow year for my husband's family, who multiply like guppies. However, they make the most gorgeous children, so some pictures are mandatory:

Eva was born with nearly shoulder-length hair that is streaked with golden highlights. And her blue eyes decided to stick around. Lucas lives in GA so we don't get to see him much, but we are so excited to see him next weekend for him mom and dad's wedding! Why are 1/4 asian babies so so gorgeous? Can't wait to have a few of my own!

5. Went on an amazing week-long trip to the Outer Banks with twenty of our bestest friends. I arranged the whole vacation, finding an amazing HUGE house just steps from the beach. I know that pretty soon we'll have to grow up and have babies and stop binge drinking, but for one week we were able to be young, go through 30 cases of beer, have dance-offs, skinny dip, get sunburns, do shotguns at 11 am and stay up laughing until 6 am. I love these kids!

So yeah, it was a good year.


  1. jeez those children are gorgeous. Congrats on the home and puppy!

  2. I know, I hope mine turn out like that, ha. Thanks!

  3. sounds like a productive and FUN year, all wrapped into one. ;) would love to see what kinds of decorating you're doing in the new house!

    :) inspiration for another blog post?

  4. Yes! I have actually been working on photographing my house to do some posts about how its decorated. Just have to finish cleaning so it actually looks decent, haha. BTW Great blog, I'll be following you :)

  5. Your 25th year sounds pretty close to mine!
    I bought house and adopted a puppy...minus with the husband part. That has yet to happen.

    Your pup is adorable. Happy Birthday!
    Love the post. Saw you on the blogging community and wanted to leave a comment.

  6. Those babies are adorable! (Found you on 20sb). I hope you had a very lovely birthday :). Your 25th year sounds like a blast!


    *Here's to an even better 2-6!

  7. I want to give Wilbur a big giant smooch!!! What an adorable pup! ♥ :D

    Great recap, it's awesome to look back on the things we've accomplished instead of the little mistakes we've made, isn't it? Aaahh refreshing... :)

    (Found you via 20SB BTW, love your blog!!)