Friday, April 16, 2010

Drinky Drinky!

I'm participating in this serial blog post from April Elizabeth .  What's that?  Today is Friday and not Thursday? Well its my birthday and I do what I want! :P

1. What is your favorite cocktail (or beer)?
I'm a beer girl.  My go-to drink of choice is Miller Lite, classy I know.  A light beer is easy, predictable and I know just how much I can drink before going off the deep end.  This talent was aquired from years of practice in college.  I wish I was a wine girl because it seems so much more sophisticated and classy, but I have a very sensitive stomach and wine usually makes my belly attack itself.  I do drink it from time to time though. My absolute favorite alcoholic drink of ALL time is Lindeman's Framboise.  It is a beer that is brewed from fruit--rasperries--rather than hops. Its pretty pricey and a case is well over $100. But try a bottle or glass of it sometime.  It tastes like liquefied fizzy raspberries that get you drunk. Heaven.

2. When is the first time you had a beer?
I was always allowed to taste sips of my dad's beer when I was little, but I guess that doesn't really count. The first time I really had my own beer was in college as a freshman.  It was at a typical house party and I was so cautious drinking it.  Every couple minutes I would think, "am I drunk??" but of course I wasn't.  The first time I was DRUNK was at a frat party when I was visiting friends at Penn State (of course, how stereotypical). I drank a couple of beers and was dancing and all of a sudden my legs didn't work anymore.  I think I actually fell to the ground and said I couldn't walk.  My boyfriend (husband, now) picked me up and set me up on a random schnasty couch until I regained my footing.  I kept freaking out because I thought I was going to die. Now looking back on it, I was just barely buzzed but unused to the feeling.

3. What is your funniest I was way too drunk story?
Sadly, there are too many, but here's one that pops into my head. My bachelorette party.  We went to a bar with a tiki hut theme.  Lots of grass huts over the booths, water falls and little pools everywhere.  The water was lit from below and was dyed blue.  At one point my friends were looking all over for me and finally found me in a hallway, drinking blue water out of the decorative waterfall.

4. How long ago did that story take place?
2 years ago

5. Tequila or Whiskey?
I don't really have a preference because I don't drink either that often.  I can't shoot either one straight.  I think I like the taste of whiskey better though


  1. Hilarious!!!! The waterfall picture makes me think something that would have happened on I Love Lucy. Also I love that you clearly married your college boyfriend, who is obviously very sweet.

    Thanks for playing along.

  2. I've been bouncing around your blog since the other day - your outfit vote. And I am just loving it. I love that you quit your everyday job to do your passion. Wish I could do the same...but I am working on doing what I love on the side until it blossoms into something big enough so I can say "see ya suckers" to my current job.