Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please vote!

A while ago I blogged about that dress that I was going to wear to a wedding this week. Well, I returned it, due to a misguided comment from my husband.

Me: Is this dress too slutty for a wedding with your family?
Him: No. Well, yeah kind of.

So of course that diminished any bit of confidence I had about wearing the dress. After I returned it, I started looking for a new dress. But I was paranoid about everything I tried on. I didn't want to buy a dress that my mom would wear, but I also didn't want something TOO revealing. It seems all the dresses this season are those bubble dresses that practically reveal your lady parts. Normally, I'm not opposed to that. But this happens to be a wedding that I will be at with my mother in law and my six brothers in law. I don't need any comments about my boobs or lady parts at a family event. I probably went to fifteen different stores and visited some of them several times. I FINALLY found a dress I liked today. But then I put it on and took a picture of myself for this post and didn't like how it looked on camera. Of course. So I tore through my closet and tried on any dresses that might possibly work and now I need you to weigh in, if anyone is reading this. Three of these are old dresses and I'm not going to say which is the new one. Because I am so hyper critical of myself, I need outside opinions.

Yellow and Black Sun Dress
Black Strapless Dots
Black Belted Dress
Gauzy Floral Dress

I like how Wilbur is sitting in the back of the third one, just judging. Also please disregard the fact that both of the belts on the belted dresses are lopsided. And that my hair is a hot mess.

I apologize for the shallowness of this post, but I'm at a loss here.


  1. If I were to choose my fave, it'd be the black dots strapless one. It looks good on you and it's a really nice dress. And no lady bits showing.

    I'm jealous of women who can wear dresses like that. I can't do strapless. They look odd on me.

  2. You're so pretty!

    The strapless dress is super flatering and I love the yellow flower one (the color and pattern is fun). I think I'd go for either of those.

  3. I read your post from the 20something bloggers...and you have no reason to have body image issues. You look great in all of those dresses. Here are my two faves in order:
    1. Yellow & Black Sun Dress
    2. Black Polka Dot Dress

    Hope that helps!
    Enjoy the wedding.

  4. personally, my fave is the second one. i think it looks great. :)

  5. I vote for dress #1 because I think it is Spring-ish and perfect for a wedding. Good luck! Also, you like nice in all of them, so whichever you choose will be fine.

  6. I really like the strapless! The yellow and black is fun too. I'd say it's between those two. Keep us posted! You'll look great in whatever you choose, I'm sure :)

  7. Thanks everyone :) I think I'm going to go with the first one because its the new one I bought and you seemed to like it. I feel like I always wear black dresses so I wanted something a little more colorful this time.

  8. i think the black dots one is very classy...

    the yellow too summer picknicy/possibly for an outdoor wedding
    black belted is for shopping.
    floraly one is for hanging out with friends...

    my pick is the black dots. hope im not too late for the vote!

  9. Strapless polka dot dress is the easy winner. Have fun!

  10. I would say if it is an outdoor wedding, the yellow floral. If indoor, the strapless. The latter is a little bit more serious than the former.
    Also, not to be offensive, but why on earth would you have body issues? I would be elated if my boobs were half as nice (sorry to go there, but like most creatures with no boobs, I am obsessed).

  11. The black strapless one looks really good on you!

    I'd suggest getting a little black cardigan to go over it (Old Navy had some really nice ones with shorter sleeves for $20 or less - I bought a black one for my dresses!) in case you get cold or need a jacket or get there and feel like your dress may be a little too bare (hey, it could happen!)