Monday, October 3, 2011

The Cost of a Hangover

I don't really drink that much at all anymore. If I do, its just a beer or two. But there have been an obscene amount of bachelorette parties this year that I've been subjected to and they require alcohol to cope. I love getting the opportunity to hang out with my group of girl friends, don't get me wrong. It's just the fact that we always end up at the most crowded, skankiest bars in town and that's just not my thing anymore. I like being able to freely move my arms without accidentally groping some dude's jewel encrusted Affliction t-shirt. Plus, it seems like everyone there is in college, and I'm just too old for this. So I drink. In order to have some fun. And I always regret it. I'm particularly regretful this time because I've been trying to lose some weight again and this weekend just totally threw me off. So here's the breakdown of the cost of my hangover:

1. The beginning, the Yinzerrita. The specialty drink of choice at the restaurant we ate at was the Yinzer'rita. A giant margartia with a bottle of IC Lite mango stuck in upside down. A feat of physics and alcohol tolerance. 

I literally drank about 20% of this drink and was  d-r-u-n-k. I knew it was all over from there. But for the sake of this blog post we'll just take the calories from the entire thing. According to an article on, an average 10 oz margarita is 740 calories. Let's ignore the fact that this was more like 20 oz. IC Lite Mango = 95 calories.

= 835

2. Then you have to take into account the approximately 5 other beers I had that night. 

= 480 calories

3. Then there was the "Papa Smurf" which capped off the night. It was shared amount 8 of us, so i'm sure I'm probably going to catch a cold somewhere in there too. I have no idea how many calories were in this. I'm going to guess 10,000. So 10,000/8 = 1,250

= 1,250

4. Then there was the obligatory Taco Bell stop on the way home. Something that I typically wouldn't eat sober, but with all that alcohol in me, all bets were off. I had 1 crunchy taco supreme (200 cal), 1 side order of nachos (280 cal) , and 1/2 Frank's chicken quesadilla (265 cal).  (We looked like this only less blonde)

= 745 calories

5. The next day, I felt like death. And apparently, death is best served with a Steak and Shake burger (330 cal) and fries (240 cal). Which is weird because I have never even eaten at Steak and Shake before, but at that moment, I NEEDED it. 

=570 calories

Total cost of hangover: 3880. Excellent. That is like 3 days worth of calories. 


  1. Hahaha, this is hilarious and also true. My last night out ended with McDonalds (I NEVER eat McDonalds!) 2 burgers extra onions and a small fry please. Hmm, I'm hungry now. PS - I'm following a non-creepy way

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure McDonald's is responsible for my almost 30 lb weigh gain in college . . . tastes too good drunk. Following you too, love your blog!