Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ahoy Mateys

So I was sitting out on my deck working this morning, Macbook on lap, coffee to my side, sun in the sky (yes, insert jealousy here). I was writing an article about "wardrobe necessities" and the major pieces every woman must have in their wardrobe in order to be fashionable. Then I looked down and realized, I'm an effin' hypocrite.

I apologize for the quality of these photos, which were taken in Photo Booth, but I have no desire to take high quality pictures of me looking like a junkie. So here's the rundown, which i'll do in the style of a fashion blogger:

         On Emily:
         Pants: Target, possibly the maternity section judging by the wide waist band
         Frank the Tank t-shirt: from brother in law, meant to be for husband but too small for him, I       think it's from Steve and Barry's, which I'm pretty sure no longer exists.
         Shoes: UGGs, those are fancy.

Yeah, so the next time you're reading a fashion article, take it with a grain of salt. Because it could be written by someone like me, and there's a good chance the author hasn't brushed her teeth yet.

Anyway, later on I had to go to Nordstrom's to spend a gift card that I had from returning some TOMS's. (According to Google, I'm the only person in the world that gets crippling sciatic nerve pain from TOM's. Hopefully the needy children don't.) So I had to put on some fancy clothes, because Nordstrom's is fancy, yo. Here was the awesome outfit I put together:

I look like Pilgrims of the Caribbean. Seriously, wtf? But I went with it, because it looks weird and that's sort of what I was going for. Oh and also? This shirt is appropriate for temperatures ranging from 72 to 72.4 degrees. It's like sheer, yet long sleeved. 

On Emily:
BLOUSE: (yes I used that word) Old Navy, steeply discounted
Jeans: Gap (outlet)
Shoes: DSW

I even wore my hair up, which is a big step. I don't do that very often because I generally hate the look of my face and the surrounding head areas. My hair is generally the moneymaker.

So see, sometimes I wear real clothes.

Also, there were turkeys.


  1. Cracking me up. I feel the same way about my general head area. I'm trying to overcome.

  2. Ha you make me laugh.
    That's basically my at-home getup too. Nothin' wrong with that.