Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I've been listening to

I've realized that music can completely change the mood I'm in. Take yesterday for example. I was in a pretty down mood. I popped in my ear buds and cranked it out to some Gaga on the treadmill and my mood was instantly lifted. Yeah, I'm sure it had to do with the exercise too, but I knew the music also had a part in it. 

I thought I'd share the Spotify playlist that I've been listening to on repeat for about a month. It's pretty random, and made up mostly of songs that I heard on Pandora and bookmarked. Oh, what would I do without music social networking? I LOVE Spotify (and I just use the free version) but I haven't really figured out the social aspect of it yet. Does anyone use that and want to give me some pointers?

Anyone have any new suggestions? I need some new playlists!

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  1. I know you can connect to friends on Facebook and see their "published" playlists and listen to them as well. I guess the social aspect is just to see what your friends are listening to and check it out for yourself *shrug*

    Gotta admit, I'm liking Spotify more than I thought I would. I don't have to *cough*download*cough stuff I don't own and it's nice to just put an artist or soundtrack or playlist on and let it go while I'm working on my laptop at night.

    I've been listening to a playlist I made titled "2011" which consists of songs I've heard this year and have been rockin' out to or getting stuck in my head this year, lol...