Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hockey Night

Frank finally took me to a hockey game! I've been saying for years that I wanted to go to one. Well I guess I could have but my main stipulation is that it has to be free, because there's no way I'm paying money to watch a sports event, when that money could be put toward something important, like a new pair of Hunter boots.

But Frank finally got some free tickets from work so we got to go to a preseason game last night. And because we're fancy(??) they were catered box seats, score. Here are some pictures, but none of me and Frank because I suck at blogging. 

Obviously I was more excited about the food than the hockey. Our box came with cheesesteaks, italian hoagies, sausage sandwiches, sushi, Mediterranean artichoke salad, hummus, pita, chips and salsa, goat cheese and red pepper dip, soft pretzels, beer, wine, etc. Nom.

I was pretty excited about this blimp that floated around the arena.

Yay hockey.

And since I didn't include any people pictures, here is Wilbur, stalking squirrels. He just stands there and wines, with a puddle of drool on the floor. It's like he's at a beagle strip club. The cat stands by in support. 

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