Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sawyer's Crib

All the finishing touches are finally done . . . just in time for us to move (I'll get to that later).  Full Disclosure: it never actually looks this clean and organized.

There's some pinterest inspiration up in this joint. That mobile for one. If making a mobile by punching holes out of paint chips looks easy, don't be fooled. This thing took me forever to make, involved a lot of rubber cement and swearing.

I made the curtains and bedskirt from fabric I bought online. Frank helped me paint the stripes and walls because he thought Sawyer would be born with four arms from paint fumes (don't worry, it was low VOC paint, and he has two arms). My amazing mommy made the quilt, I found awesome woodland animal fabrics at a local fabric store. See that fancy glider? Craigslist - $50. I googled the product code on the tag and it's worth $650. Chaching. Lamp, random S are from Marshalls, tray is from Target. The rug and side table are from IKEA. I did this on the cheap, very cheap. The crib is from Walmart, SHHH.

The gallery wall is made from stuff I've collected during my pregnancy and even before. The ornate wood frames were gaudy looking mirrors I found at a garage sale five years ago, but I popped the mirrors out and spray painted them. Some of the prints are greeting cards, some of them are designer wrapping paper that i bought at a card shop. 


More storage from IKEA with Martha Stewart storage cubes from Lowes. The changing pad cover is from Designs by Christy on Etsy, make sure you check her out. The knick knacks and stuffed toys are from places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Kohls, Ikea, etc.

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