Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Months

They say that the first three months of having a baby is like the fourth trimester. If so, we're out of the water. I think Sawyer is officially not a newborn now, and is instead a chunky rolley baby. It makes me sad that he's growing so fast, but honestly he's becoming a lot more fun. I feel like I'm hanging out with a little person now, not just a squishy blob of hunger. Things are good.

Here's the big guy:

Sawyer 3 months

The deets:

Sawyer 3 months

The progression:

Sawyer 3 months

Looks like my photography skills might be improving too, haha.

It looks like Sawyer's chill personality is staying intact. He is such an easy, smiley, relaxed baby. It kind of scares me for the next baby, because I'm not getting that "up all night" crazy experience. He's just so much fun to be around. The only thing we're having a problem with is the reflux. Baby boy will puke up an entire bottle at a moment's notice. It makes public feeding a scary experience. If I'm feeding him at someone else's house, I'll usually bring spare clothes for both of us and will feed him sitting on the floor with a bath towel. The upside? I've become adept at catching puke. This morning I caught projectile vomit in a spare tupperware container.

Also, the once super-quiet baby is now starting to talk to us. Or should I say, howl. I honestly think that he's starting to mimic Wilbur's howls, since he hears them all day long. Look at 40 seconds, proof.

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