Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First of all, seriously?

I joined Google+ the other day and was setting up my profile, when I realized that Google automatically uploaded every picture from my Google account, including Blogger, including images of my blog header, etc.

Guys, the only person that knows about my blog is Frank and I'm deathly afraid of my nerdiness being revealed and other real people finding out about it! So I frantically deleted the pictures that Google+ uploaded, not realizing that I was actually permanently deleting all these photos, photos that are on my blog. So poof, they are gone. I finally resurrected my banner and sidebar picture, but the rest are gone, and I don't feel like dealing with it now. It looks like all the pics that I actually uploaded to blogger (most are mobile uploads) are the ones that are gone. The ones that are linked in Flickr are ok (note to self, always link from Flickr). I will fix it eventually, but not right now.

Anyway, if you're on there, click on the button below and find me! 

I really hope Google+ catches on (looks like it already is) because I think it solves the main all-encompassing problem of Facebook: sharing the wrong thing with the wrong people. On Google+ you have circles, so if I don't want to only share something with my friends, and not my family, I can do that. It totally eliminates the fear of sharing your drunk party pictures with grandma (or risking offending grandma by not adding her as a friend at all), a problem I have faced all too often.

Sorry, the social media nerd in me is way too excited about this.

(If you need an invite, just leave your email address, I think invites are still working!)

Oh, something else funny. A while ago I was at Mad Mex with some of my friends. My guy friend was about to order a margarita and simultaneously talking about how he wanted to lose weight. So I said, "You know that Mad Mex Margaritas have like 900 calories in them." He didn't believe me so he googled it and the first search result was my blog (my private super secret blog!), because apparently I talk about the calories in margaritas a lot, enough to put this blog at the top of google search results. And then? The awful. HE CLICKED ON MY BLOG LINK AND READ THE POST. He was sitting there in the bar, reading what I wrote out loud to our friends. I think I choked on my Miller Lite and started sweating profusely. I frantically nudged Frank and he said, "That just sounds like some blog, not the nutritional info from the actual website, it's probably not right." That was enough to make him get off my blog and look at new sites. Can you imagine if he had scrolled to the top and there's my f-ing picture? I almost died.


  1. I noticed that too. That Google+ had uploaded pretty much everything. Then again, it's still a pretty new thing and so I'm sure over time it'll settle and before we know it, everyone will have it. Kinda like twitter, we didn't know what to do with it and now, well, we're pros!

    I joined today actually and I'm still trying to navigate my way around the site. You can find me by looking up: Tasha Mascarenhas

  2. I would love to get an invite to google +! I just started hearing about it. My email is

  3. I'm in the same boat! Only my boyfriend knows about my blog. He sent me an invite the other day and so I went to sign up. Then it says import all your pictures from Picasa and accept or decline google+. So I had to decline! Until I figure out of there's another way around it?? Stupid google saving all blog pics to Picasa. I don't want to share. WAHHH lol

  4. Would you recommend Google+ then? I've been hearing about this site more and more and was just curious about whether it's worth signing up to it.

  5. Yeah, I definitely would recommend it. It's still growing and people are still joining so it may not be as active as FB yet, but I like it a lot better. The whole "circles" thing is key for me, because you can decide who you want to share each post with