Friday, June 17, 2011

Wedding Weekend

One of my very best friends got married last weekend and it was beautiful. Seriously, I don't have any regrets about my wedding but this is the first time that I went to one where I thought "I wish we had done that". Both the wedding and the reception were outdoors under tents, and luckily the weather was perfect. The ceremony was non-religious (something Frank and I wished we would have done, but his family probably would not have liked that) and Adam's (the groom) best friend married them. They introduced them a long time ago, so they wanted him to be the one to do the honors. We were a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to keep a straight face (we're also good friends with him and thought we would die laughing) but he did an amazing job and it was so sweet and meaningful. I looked over and Frank's eyes were filled with tears, so that totally set me off.

The reception was at the zoo! Even though we weren't allowed to go around and look at the animals, they brought a few animals to us. There was no shot-dollar dance, no bouquet toss, no garter toss, no YMCA or all the other annoying things that you're subjected to at weddings. Just dancing all night! Shannon (the bride) managed to make it elegant and sentimental without following every annoying tradition. Also, instead of a cake they had a giant tower of DONUTS. Pinch me. Anyway, I was glad I brought my good camera, because I got some unforgettable photos. 

Uh yes, Picassa obsessed. And I realized I accidentally used the same photo twice but I was too lazy to go back and fix it. 


  1. OMG!!! How awesome!!! Jen and I seriously have no regrets either. Our wedding was super small, just us and her parents. We didn't have any before parties or showers, nothing after. We said our vows, were pronounced married and headed off to our honeymoon. ^_^ However, we one day want to have a hand fasting which will be Wiccan, outdoors, definitely more party-ish. ^_^

    At the zoo sounds absolutely lovely and OPOSSUM!!! You took wonderful pictures!!! Congrats to the happy couple. ^_^

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