Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy birthday Wilbur!

I still have a bunch of vacation posts to write, but I thought I'd interrupt them for a very important event: Wilbur's 3rd birthday! We're not sure when he was actually born, since we got him from a kill shelter and they didn't have any of those kinds of records. But when we adopted him (two years ago yesterday) the vet said he was anywhere from 6 months to 18 months old, so we went in the middle and said he was 1. So we use the day we brought him home as his birthday. This also marks our two year anniversary of being homeowners (yes, i wasted no time getting a dog asap!).  Wilbur spent his birthday weekend doing his favorite things, sleeping, chasing the cat and even enjoyed a few licks of vanilla ice cream. On Monday night, we took him over to his two girlfriends' house (the neighbors) where he got to play with all his friends. Also in attendance were another neighbor's GIANT PUPPIES (we're talking over 150 lbs) which are some type of St. Bernard/Mastiff/Sasquatch mix. I'm not sure what he'd do if he met a little dog, since all his friends are GINORMOUS. So much fun, low quality cell phone pics to come. Until I can get around to uploading the pictures (which are on my husband's cell, who is at work), you can gaze lovingly into these amber green eyes:


  1. Happy Birthday Wilbur!!
    Can't wait to see more of his little play date.
    (Also, the pics of your trip thus far are sooo gorgeous!!)

  2. aww, what a beautiful pup. and YAY for rescuing from a shelter!