Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just thought I'd update about the status of my healthy eating/exercise plan. I know you really care and you're just dying to know, ha. But really, its just so I can keep track. Here's my weight chart, I use I look at this a lot because when my weight spikes up a little once in a while, I can remind myself that it's all a downward trend. All those peaks that happen about once a week are my lower body lifting days. Interesting, right? You retain a lot of water and your muscles fill up with blood to try to recover.

My original goal was to be at 115 lbs by the time I went to Italy, but then I raised the stakes and changed it to 115 by my birthday. Right now I'm 116.4, but my birthday is on Saturday so I don't think I'm going to be at 115 on the dot by then. It's looking good for vacation though.

I know it's not always good to be fixated on a weight number goal. But I'm motivated by concrete goals, and seeing that exact, measurable statistic every day really keeps me going. It's just what works for me, it may not be what works for you.

So I'm only about a pound away from my goal weight. I'm not planning on officially lowering my goal again, but inevitably I will have that next 5 pound interval in my head. I'm not planning on changing my daily calorie goals or my workout routines just for the sake of maintaining weight. I'm interested in seeing where my weight "settles" without changing my routines.

I feel great, but it's kind of sad to me how easy it is to get used to your changed body and start finding flaws again. If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would lose almost 20 pounds, I would be ecstatic. Now I'm already used to my new weight and picking on myself for new things. Guess it's the plight of being a girl, never satisfied with yourself! Oh well, I'm enjoying my new clothing sizes and my lack of a muffin top, so there's some positivity for you!

PS. In posting these complaints/progress, I am NOT fishing for compliments, seriously. This is more for my "records" and to relate to others who are trying to get healthier.

PPS. It should also be noted that I housed half a bag of Moose Munch while writing this post. #Winning

Over three months of significantly less pizza and booze.


  1. You are doing fantastic! My dream weight is 115lbs-125lbs. I have never ever in my entire life been either. I'm 169.8 right now and I really want to lose most of this weight *soon* but like you, I'm doing it healthfully! :D

    Here's hoping my results are even half as good as yours!!!

  2. Awesome, good luck to you! I used to TRY to gain weight in high school and beginning of college, unfortunately my metabolism finally caught up with me ha. That's great that you're doing it in a healthy way, its always tempting to go on a crazy crash diet but you can never sustain that. My best advice is just to be patient, as long as you're doing the right stuff, the weight will come off!