Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have a new lover . . .

It was time to break up with Big Red, my beloved but used and abused coffeemaker. We had some good times but it was time to upgrade . . .

It was actually Frank's idea to upgrade to a Keurig. I had my reservations. It just seemed like a lot of money to spend on a coffeemaker. It also seemed like a lot of money to spend on the actual coffee. I LOVE my coffee but I'm not a coffee snob, Folgers is what my parents have had in the house for 500 years and its what I've always kept in my freezer (a weird habit from my mom, who freezes EVERYTHING). But my husband . . . he is a coffee snob in the worst way. Which explains why we spent over $500 at Starbucks last year. His reasoning was that if we had a Keurig and different kinds of gourmet coffees at our disposal, he would spend less dough at the Bucks. I'm not buying it, but I couldn't resist the pull of something new and shiny, so I went out and bought it at Kohls (I had $50 store credit for there).

Well, consider me converted. I am obsessed with this thing. Just the fact that there is not the task of emptying out a soggy coffee filter and scooping out new coffee standing between me and my morning cup, makes the morning so much smoother. Yeah, its more expensive. But I think its worth it to spend a little extra money to get that simple daily pleasure. Yes, I'm self-justifying. 

The first thing I wanted to do was stock up on all different kinds of K-cups. I searched online for discount retailers and found Big Cat Coffees. You can create your own variety packs by selecting any kinds you want. I would be lying if I said that I didn't select 50% of the coffee based on the sweet graphic design on the front of the cups. What can I say, it looks good on my counter.

Big Cat even included a free sample of this chocolate glazed donut coffee. And a piece of candy! It's like they already knew me. I made sure to make it clear to Frank that if he even touched this with his dirty paws I would file for divorce. Mine.

I'm still feel a little guilt about the Keurig. A couple people have accused us of Yuppiedom. It's also not exactly the green thing to do, with packaging waste from every cup of coffee. I'll be extra diligent about recycling. 

Are you really particular about your coffee, or will any old cup of joe do? 

PS. Neither Keurig nor Big Cat Coffees is paying me, and they have no idea who I am, but if they wish to send me a lifetime supply of coffee, I will happily oblige.


  1. I love my Keurig hot chocolate! It's the best!!

  2. My boyfriend got Nespresso machine as a present. It uses the same concept.
    No flavors though.

  3. I've heard a lot about these, but never a true testimonial. Sounds fun! How *was* the chocolate glazed donut coffee? I don't really drink coffee on a daily basis (I prefer tea as my morning pick-me-up) and I worry about the packaging involved with Keurig. Maybe they'll find a way to make them a little more eco-friendly soon? Have fun with your coffee maker!

  4. The chocolate glazed donut was amaaazing! I agree, maybe a more recycle-able/biodegradable packaging. I'll have to do some research and see what they're made of now.

  5. My parents went with the Tassimo coffee maker and got a crazy deal on it. It was regular over $100 but this particular weekend was on sale and they used their points reward card . I think they ended up paying $10 plus tax-no joke. Plus it came with a coupon for a free $10 pack of coffee. I love having the lattes when I'm at their place. But when I'm at my apartment- regular instant :(