Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolutions: Part 1

Tomorrow is the last day of the year, and before stuffing myself with jello shots, cookies, and bacon-wrapped things, I think I should take a good hard look at my life and make some resolutions. I know, people rarely keep resolutions, especially me. But I like the idea of writing them down here, in this blog. Maybe I'll have a better chance at actually keeping them.

I have a lot of them. A lot, a lot. So I'm going to break this down into several posts.

1. Blogging. I'm going to make an honest attempt to blog every weekday. Even if its two words.  Even if its just a picture uploaded from my phone. The thing is, I REALLY love reading your blogs. My google reader has about 100 different blogs in it, and i probably read at least 30 of them on a regular basis. Like, obsessively. And I check for updates three times a day. I'm not kidding. I need to channel that energy into actually writing. My thing is, I sit here and think "no one wants to read this". But I want to do this for myself. Yes, of course its important for me to have others entertained by my writing, but I really want it so that I can look back and see what was going on in my life at different times of the year. It's scary to me how bad my memory is. I don't remember anything. I think this will help.

Stay tuned for my next New Year's resolution, which I'm sure will be just as riveting as this one ;)

This is me. I'm not making a duck face. I'm just pouting because I gave myself bangs and I think I might have made a mistake. It's NOT a duck face. This is duck face.


  1. I really like how the bangs look.

    It's hard to write often if it feels like noone is reading. It feels like noone is reading when nobody comments. I try my best to comment when the inspiration strikes. ;) Sometimes I will straight out tell the bf to read my blog and comment to make myself feel better. :p

    I'd appreciate if you allowed the Name/Url option on your blog comments! I have to keep signing into an account to comment!

  2. I'll just pretend like I wrote this post :P
    The bangs look great :)