Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wow, this post is going nowhere.

So I took a little hiatus from blogging, for no particular reason. Mainly, I was lazy. Also, my life is pretty boring lately. It consists of working out, eating and sleeping. I haven't been playing the cowbell lately. So because I don't have some monumental topic to blog about, I'll fill you in on some random thoughts and updates.

First of all, I am .2 pounds away from my original goal weight (I have since adjusted it and want to go five more pounds). It's been slow and steady since I've been lifting and replacing fat with muscle. I don't look that different to myself (because as a female, I'm obligated to see myself as ten pounds heavier than I am) but my clothes are looser and I had to go down a dress size or two when I was trying on dresses this weekend. Yay!

Speaking of eating, I picked these up in the grocery store yesterday. They are called "Magic Pop" and are kind of rice cakes from Korea. Check them out here, . From what the website says, they are made out of puffed wheat, rice and corn. But I think what makes them successful is that they make them right in the grocery store. There is a guy manning a Magic Pop machine and it makes this loud POP sound and out comes a perfect giant rice cake thing. But the smell. It makes the entire store smell like sweet delicious cake or something. So you're drawn in by the smell and have to buy a bag. And then you look at the nutrition facts and realize that God is real and unicorns do exist because HOLY CRAP, this dinner plate sized confection is only 15 calories! Yeah, so you're basically eating the equivalent of like five grains of rice but give me anything this size of my head that tastes carby and only has 15 calories, and I will kiss you.

Ok, next on the agenda. I always have this fear that my friends and family think that I'm unemployed and just stay home all day eating bon bons. You see, I don't go around talking about my work too  much. I feel braggy when I do that, because I don't have to deal with office politics and sit at a desk all day. I don't want to rub it in. It's boring to talk about work anyway. My husband says that I'm being paranoid. Well today, I was proven right. I am going through an annoying work thing right now and I wanted to rant. I put a post up on Facebook that said this: 

"I work with a lot of different companies and there is one thing i know for sure. Women 
are much more competent at running a business! That is the absolute truth."

Well, a few minutes later, a guy friend of mine (a pretty close one I might add!) commented: "You should start a business some day." Palm --> forehead. Thanks buddy, you're about two years late on that one. Thanks for being so interested and knowing what's going on in my life. So yes its true, everyone thinks I quit my accounting job so I could watch soap operas all day. Good times.

I promise a more interesting post next time, maybe.

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