Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seen and Heard

I do a lot of writing in public places, like Barnes and Noble and Borders. Sometimes I switch it up and go to Panera. I wish Starbucks would finally break down and offer free wifi. Come on, everyone else is doing it.

I like working in public places because it makes me feel like less of a recluse. I have a pretty fancy shmancy office at home, but i usually end up on the couch, or worse, in the bed. When i try to work in my bed, you can bet it will be lights out in no time.

As a writer, I am a natural stalker stalker observer of the human race. I have noticed that a lot of people use these bookstore cafes as mutual meeting places for business meetings and job interviews. I hear a lot of peculiar conversations. I mean seriously weird stuff; odd reading habits, one-ended phone conversations and disconnected chatter.

So I will be spontaneously posting the random things I hear at these places. Because they are funny. And because I’ll take any excuse to avoid work and procrastinate. I leave you with the first “Seen and Heard in the Book Store”.

“Why don’t you get Canadian bacon?” Long pause. “It’s just HAM for God’s sake!!” – Man on the phone at Barnes and Noble.

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